The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Alice Grist

The Wheel of Fortune card is the spin of fate, it is the forces of the universe intruding on your life, and often, acting on your behalf (and for your highest good). When it comes up in your cards you are being asked to surrender to the divine plan. There may be situations you are trying to control or stay on top of. Yet life is seemingly spurning your attempts at every try. Events, circumstances, and other people are all uncontrollable and chaotic and you may feel as if you can’t get a grip or a hold on anything.

There is very real purpose to this. The universe is in fact trying to wrestle control from you. Perhaps the universe knows more than you do and has a better plan… Life is beyond your control for a very good reason. This is because change is afoot, and that change is not for you to decide. The shifts and movements in your life are happening to get you on track and on purpose. So, whilst it may feel chaotic and disordered, there is a spiritual method within the events that are occurring.

The best way to embrace this Wheel of Fortune energy is to get out of the way. Stop trying to take control, cease your efforts at ownership of a situation, and certainly stop any attempts to direct other people. Instead of trying to control events, you are called to surrender to them. The mission it to be in the moment and to witness and experience what happens instead. This can feel difficult. Giving over to fate and to the universe is quite the challenge if you are not practised at it. Yet, releasing to a bigger plan brings many lessons. In surrendering, in letting life happen, you will allow the divine to step in and to reorder things in fascinating ways. Whilst this surrender may be frustrating, it does have your highest benefits at heart. So let go of the reins of life and allow the Wheel to turn and to play it’s purpose out, for as long as is necessary. On the other side of the Wheel’s spinning, there is a order and new understandings that will be interesting and helpful to you.

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Life is a fascinating mix of free will and divine destiny. When the Wheel of Fortune shows up, you are being placed on a path towards your destiny. If you have wandered far from your spirit’s life path and plan, then the Wheel of Fortune can feel like a more testing time. Trust that you are being placed back in the correct direction and that the higher forces have your best plans at heart.

The Wheel of Fortune is not necessarily a difficult card though. It can also reflect joyous times that are headed your way, meetings with destiny and unexpected clarity arising from the unknown and unplanned for.  It is a reminder that the universe has your back, and that at times in life, it will greet you with amazing, miraculous surprise events, moments of luck and incredible coincidence.

The most important takeaway from having the Wheel of Fortune arise in your cards is that you recognise the intervention of the divine in your life. This may mean different thing to different people. For some it could be a god, or a goddess, for others it is the magic of nature, the comfort of angels, or the synchronicity of luck and fate. Whatever you choose to believe in, then The Wheel of Fortune is representative of that almighty force getting involved personally within your life. This can feel like quite the awakening, allowing you to connect directly with the spiritual forces of life. Giving them permission to direct your life for a little while, can be deeply empowering. Understand this card to reflect the fact that you matter, and that the divine has a wonderful plan for you, and with a little redirection, the moment will calm, and you can take back the reins of life with a new perspective and powerfully altered circumstances.

Reversed meaning: If the Wheel of Fortune shows up in your cards reversed it likely means you are somewhat disconnected from your own divine self, and the forces that wish to support you in life (call that what you will, God, angels, guides, spirit etc). Perhaps you have found a way to reject divine intervention entirely. Or maybe you have your life so tightly under your control that it is almost impossible for anything different or unexpected to occur. It is important that you loosen your grip a little. For the Wheel of Fortune wants to bring positive changes to your world, but for this to happen, you may need to reconnect with the bigger picture. The bigger picture reminds you that we are all connected, and that the universe will use these connections to interlace our lives together in interesting ways, usually to provoke growth and harmony. If you are cut off from your spiritual self, and perhaps from authentic connection with other humans (and animals and nature) then it maybe that you are missing out. Without these connections to life and the divine you are likely to miss the cues and direction of the universe in favour of your own strict understandings.

Now might be a good time to begin to explore your own personal spirituality, to think about what you believe (you clearly have some interest otherwise you wouldn’t be here!) maybe it is time to conjure your own faith, one that feels free and liberating, and that allows you to start to understand that life is about interaction, and often, the unknown. Indeed, that the unknown can be a welcome and evolutionary experience. Make a little wiggle room in your life for the unexpected and trust that the divine may well serve you with longed for change and growth.

Yes / No meaning:  Wheel of Fortune is more of a maybe… When this card arises to a clear yes or no question, chances are that you are not yet in possession of the full facts. There is more information to come, and that the scenario you are asking about is still in flux. You might be wise to pause on any decision making and allow the universe to do her thing. Let events unfold and play out around you for a little while. Resist the urge to direct or become too involved in what is happening. Watch closely and in time, as the wheel of life turns, the answer, yes or no, will become more apparent to you.