Who we are

Hey there!

We are Tarotoo, a rapidly growing platform that offers free tarot reading services. We strongly believe in the powers of tarot cards and strive to provide personalized readings and comprehensive information for both tarot beginners and enthusiasts.

Our team comprises dedicated experts who have devoted their lives to studying the realms of tarot, astrology and spirituality. We firmly believe that everyone regardless of their background, gender or ethnicity should have access, to the wisdom and knowledge that tarot cards offer. This conviction led us to create Tarotoo — an online platform where people from any place in the world can receive tarot readings.

And through our content we aim to empower our users in unlocking their potential.

Our goals

Here, at Tarotoo our main focus is to participate in our users spiritual journey by offering tarot readings. Our aim is to be enthusiastic, approachable and responsible in providing this service. We recognize that life can often be full of obstacles making it difficult to grasp the perspective. That's why we offer readings that can assist you in gaining a profound insight into yourself your connections, with others and the purpose of your life.

Our goal is to ensure that tarot readings are accessible, to everyone, which's why we have designed our website to be user friendly and convenient, for your use. We have made sure that our platform is easy to navigate so that you can effortlessly receive a personalized reading.

What We Stand For

At Tarotoo we strongly believe in the impact of the insightful guidance that tarot cards can offer in navigating lifes challenges. Nevertheless it is crucial to acknowledge that tarot readings should not be considered a replacement, for advice or therapy. Our visitors have to seek professional help if they are struggling with mental health issues.

Tarotoo promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our platform, we dont not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

What is Tarotoo's online tarot reading

Our online tarot reading is a free online service to receive 5 card general and love readings, 3 card daily reading, and yes or no readings. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with internet!

We cooperate with a few professionals and experts in tarot with many years of experence who help us to create content for our website.

Contact email: [email protected]