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Unlock the spiritual mysteries of your past, present, and future with our online tarot readings - explore the secrets of your heart with love Tarot, seek clarity with "Yes or No", and discover your path with our general 5 card spread. Absolutely FREE! No registration is required!


Tarotoo is an innovative platform for tarot and psychic readings where old art and new technology come face to face. We offer completely free online psychic readings and tarot readings. Our aim is to bring the Tarot alive in a new astonishing way. Our tarot cards are animated, let you touch the magic of tarot as never before-these are not simply static images but become living archetypes that animate your journey toward self-knowledge. Our tarot readings will answer any of your questions about life, love or money. For better or worse - all is tailored to suit your needs.

Our authors are world-renowned experts in Tarot and astrology, featured in many major media outlets, and authors of bestselling books. Kerry Ward, Liz Dean, Stina Garbis, Alice Grist, and Katie Robinson write fascinating articles about tarot cards for Tarotoo. They share their experiences with our readers, making Tarot easy to understand and enjoyable for everyone interested in this mystical subject.

We belive that tarot readings makes people feel their lives have a meaning and purpose. The readings also bring a kind of comfort or confidence into life, closing distance between our heart and that which is external or beyond us. Tarot makes people think about themselves, life more seriously and profoundly from their inside out, so that they might develop a will to persevere grow up happy. Indeed, they promote personal development and psychological well-being.

In addition to tarot readings, we offer a free chat with an AI psychic that provides answers to questions about tarot, spirituality, astrology, numerology. Of course it also provides mystical psychic readings, just for fun.

Special thanks to Inbaal Honigman for her help and advice.

Now come, and let's find the source of eternal cosmic mystery together!

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Btw, our proper name is "Tarotoo", and not "Tarottoo"