Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Alice Grist

Justice is the fair and universal  balance of all that is, it is the correction of karma the righting of wrongs. Justice is the beautiful way in which life always regains its harmony. Justice can be a tricky card to think about. We are often misdirected by our cultural and human laws, which of course play a part in this card, but are not the full picture. Justice is a force within her own right, one that goes beyond the punitive directions of humanity. So, whilst this card may show up at times of legal issues, it is also much bigger than this.

Justice is akin to a spiritual force that has its own powers, one that go beyond our everyday understandings. It can show up in so many ways, but its real intention is to regain balance consistently and repeatedly.

It may be that you are meeting this card at a time when you are actively trying to seek better balance in your life. Perhaps you are making efforts to be healthier, to be kinder, to live more wisely, or to get a better balance in certain areas of your life. If this is the case then Justice is on your side. It shows up with a reminder that you can make longed for changes and enact them consistently in your life. This card, in these circumstances reminds you that you are born into this life with a certain amount of balance, it is life and all its hectic, crazy ways that throws that off course. The return to balance is one that is often necessary, and one that requires you to put yourself, your needs, and your desires first. As you regain balance internally and, in your behaviours, so you find balance return externally too. There is a lovely knock-on effect with your harmony, that allows for a more harmonious environment, relationships and day to day living.

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The Justice card can also show up as a promise of situations being righted. If you have found yourself victim of behaviour, bullying, workplace drama or relationship unfairness, it is likely that this card is promising a return to justice, and perhaps interesting events occurring in your favour. If you are feeling as if you are being or have been wronged, then this card suggests that this will change, and that justice is very much on your side. Watch how events conspire to support you, and how, in the end, you are vindicated or helped in ways that honour your innocence in the situation. Trust that justice will be done by you.

This card can also reflect a deep-seated need to go inward to begin to express yourself and to live more authentically. Life tends to create situations where we end up people pleasing or wearing masks to fit in. this card may be a reminder that you are great, just as you are, in your most truthful self. Think about how honest you are being with yourself and others. Are you living in your most clear and honest self or are you showing up in other ways that deflect or distract from who you are. The justice card requires us all to wrangle with what is most true about ourselves sand to live from that place. This can feel tricky if we have always shifted our personality and our truth to fit in. yet, life becomes easier when we source our truest self. This can be quite a tricky task at first, sorting the truth form the façade. Yet it is a lifelong task that is worth undertaking. The closer you can get your own most truthful soulful self, the simpler and easier your life, relationships and experiences will become. The Justice card encourages this deep dive inward and promises that in being  the ultimate version of you, all balance will be restored.

If this card shows up in relation to legal situations, proceedings, or situations where fairness and right or wrong, ethics and morality are being questioned, it has a clear answer. The truth will prevail. Get yourself on the right side of truth and all will be well.

Reversed meaning:  Justice reversed would suggest that you are so entrenched in a life that is not in alignment with who you are that you have become lost to yourself. There are lies and dishonesty afoot (either by you or around you), and you are potentially in some areas of life, living a lie. This may sound dramatic, but it can be as simple as working a job you hate, or staying in a situation that is painful and miserable. You are likely not abiding by your own needs, and as a result, you may be suffering or feeling fraudulent (like an imposter in your own skin). It may also be that you have indulged in bad habits despite your better knowing, addiction, unhealthy patterns and toxic behaviours are all highlighted here.

This card reversed presents an opportunity to source your deep feelings and needs and to make them matter. This imbalance cannot go on for it may make you spiritually, mentally, or physically ill. It is time to remember who you are, and to prioritise your needs above all others. A time of healing is important right now, and it may be wise to consult trusted people, friends, doctors, mentors, or therapists. It is vital that you figure out your areas of imbalance and bring energies to honouring your truth, your wellbeing, and your deserving right to live with harmony in your life.

Yes / No meaning: If the question concerns a matter of ethics, morality, right and wrong then the answer is likely Yes. Good, light and justice will prevail. You may be required to think deeper, depending on the question asked. Consider if there are any moral implications in your desires, or if the situation is good honest and above board. Anything that is righteous and coming from a place of truth and honesty is destined to be a yes. However, if there are implications in the question that others may be hurt, or that somehow morals and ethics may be impinged then it is far more likely that justice will prevail and provide you with a no.