Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Alice Grist

The Strength card is one of deep and eternal power and determination. It is a reminder of your abiding nature, and your ability to thrive even despite difficulties. The strength that is being offered is not so much physical, but rather an internal and spiritual sense of power, one that aids you through all of life’s tumultuousness.

Strength is a card that might arise when we feel our strength beginning to crack. As this card comes to our attention, we are reminded that our strength, our great willpower and tolerance survives more than we expect. This card promises that your resilience goes beyond this moment, and that you can and will survive this time and all else thrown at you.

It is often under the energy of this archetype that we become aware of how long we have been holding our burdens, and perhaps the burdens of others too. We may feel acutely challenged by life circumstances and concerned that we are no longer able to bear the load of stresses and strains upon us. And yet, the Strength card is a divine reminder that you absolutely can continue to carry the weight, and that you can do so with grace, self-knowing and reverence for what your circumstances are offering you.

When Strength comes up in a reading it is a wise time to consider what you can do to sustain yourself further. Ask yourself how can you support your own vital inner power at this moment? How might you utilise your skills and determination to offer yourself comfort and hope, and enable continued strength into the future?

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Of course, it is reasonable that life takes its toll from time to time. For you to move through challenging times, some changes, boundaries, and choices may need to be considered and made. This card informs you that you are more than capable of enacting whatever needs to occur to make yourself more comfortable. You may find that small shifts in your attitude, or what you tolerate from others, will be sufficient to make life more bearable. Think about any particularly difficult areas in your life, and consider how you might respond differently, or make alternate choices. Focus on your own needs as you do this and prioritise self so that you are strengthened and protected in ways that allow you to function well and happily.

This card can sometimes reflect the burdens you are carrying for others. You are no doubt an empathic and concerned soul, and it is your pleasure to help friends and family where you can. It is important that you do not become a dumping ground for others’ problems. Nor can you pressure yourself to be the one that has to ‘fix’ others. If you have found yourself becoming weighed by the woes of others, you may be experiencing some co-dependency, and your heartfelt compassion is being taken advantage of. Whilst it is lovely to be there for others, to lend a helping hand or caring ear, it is vitally important that you do not allow other people’s problems to become your own. Step back from any situations that have become too much for you and rebalance relationships that rely too heavily on you for support.

It is vital when this card arises, that you see your own strength. No matter how weak, bold, brave or disempowered you might feel, this card is a timely reminder that you have so much perseverance, ability and strong will within you. Doubtless you have already lived through hard times, and certainly you will again, but each one of these bouts of difficulties only proves to you your deep ability to thrive, to learn, to grow and to ultimately have faith in yourself and your own indestructible inner spirit.

Reversed meaning: The strength card when reversed tends to represent a troubled time where you are allowing life to get the better of you. You may feel low in mood or disconnected from your own spirit. This could represent a difficult few days, or it may be more serious such as, a period of depleted energy, low motivation, unhelpful thoughts, ongoing anxiety, stress and possibly even overwhelming depression. The tarot always offers us a useful mirror to reflect within, and if this rings true to you, then the strength card reversed is a warning bell ringing to remind you that it does not need to be like this. Sometimes in recognising our own personal difficulties we can start changing our lives and addressing them. See this card reversed as an opportunity to witness your predicament and start to address it so that life can become more comfortable and contented.

Take a moment to observe yourself truthfully. You may be experiencing difficult emotions and reacting to your feelings and to life events in ways that harm or isolate yourself or others. There can be an element of self-destruction when this card arises reversed, as your disconnection from personal and power and spirit has you reaching for more dramatic, painful, or addicted behaviours to make you feel normal and to try to change your mood. Recognise the choices you are making that are no longer serving you, that perhaps have become toxic, and know that within you there is a portal to strength and connection that you can work towards accessing.

Take this reversed strength card and consider the lack of strength you are currently feeling. Admitting this to yourself is a powerful step towards taking control and finding ways to reconnect with your inner truth and your ability to thrive in healthy ways. It may be helpful to speak to a close friend or a professional to seek out support as you find your way back to a more harmonious approach to life. In essence a part of you knows what needs to change to address this, so be honest, get help and support and start to turn this difficult time around!

Yes / No meaning: The Strength card is a YES! But of course, it is never just that simple. For your YES to be most meaningful Strength asks you to make bold and strong choices in your life, to trust your gut as it leads you and to not be afraid of taking control of the wilder parts of your life. Setting up helpful routines, looking after yourself well and having faith in your inner knowing will all play a part in allowing this card to lead you towards your big YES! In essence the answer is YES, but the work that must be done to get you there requires motivation, resilience, and strong connected self-belief!