The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Kerry Ward

The first card of the major arcana, indeed the whole tarot deck, and its patron saint of new beginnings, clean slates, fresh starts, and original journeys. You are likely embarking upon something new, exciting, and invigorating with great enthusiasm and optimism. Revel in this mood, enjoy this phase of the journey, march to your own beat. Even if others disapprove, ignore them and do what suits you. Do what you feel you need to do. Turn the page, write a new chapter, begin a different pathway and story for yourself. Only you can live your life, the opinion of others is none of your concern. This new beginning is entirely your own design and ambition.

No doubt at some point in this journey, it will get and feel much harder, throw up issues or challenges, but don’t worry about that now. Don’t let fear or unknowns paralyse you or prevent you from making this move. You can tackle problems as they arise. Your learning curve will be steep but necessary and you will deal with whatever arises, as it arises. All you need now is the first step. Focus on that.

The Fool is not literally the derogatory fool you might think of. This card isn’t about being silly, ignorant, careless, or idiotic. Here, The Fool is called thus because he is inexperienced and naïve. He doesn’t yet know all that he might need to know down the line. That’s okay, it will all come about with time and experience. There is no rush. You can’t force the learning curve, it will unfold at its own pace. Know that you’re going to learn what you need to know as you walk along. Just be clear-eyed and open-minded so you can see your own shortcomings or lack of knowledge and be pro active about addressing that as it emerges. See this as a journey of discovery and growth. See this as a rebirth.

Tarotoo card

Reversed meaning: A reversed Fool hampers the positive, go-getting, thrusting energy of this card and suggests you’re procrastinating over a fresh start you know, deep down, you need to make. Perhaps you’re listening to the nay sayers or the critics, perhaps you’re dwelling on the fears or unknowns. Perhaps you’ve become trapped in an overthinking spiral where every option now looks loaded with jeopardy and risk. Take steps to address the blockages, the traps, the unanswered questions, and get past them quickly. Remember, you don’t need to have plotted out the whole story, you just need the first step, the opening gambit, the starting position.

Astrological significance: Uranus rules over this card and is the planetary inventor, innovator, and progressive. Uranus is radical and unpredictable. It might feel like this fresh start has come out of nowhere or taken everyone by surprise, life is like that sometimes. Maybe this new beginning is in response to a frustration or loss you’ve experienced and you’re taking pro-active steps to replace what has gone or not worked out. This is a time to think out of the box. It’s unlikely that just carrying on along the same path will yield the results you deserve or desire. It’s likely that you need to change course and take the uncharted route. Don’t be scared. Don’t hang back and stick to the Devil you know.

Uranus is an outer planet which means it’s far away from Earth and its orbit is slow. Its transits take years vs days so its influence is far-reaching, in-depth, but an evolution rather than a revolution. This feels at odds with the short, sharp energy of this card and its radical new beginning urge BUT, in hindsight, it’s likely you’ll look back on this life chapter and see the seeds of it were planted years before. You have perhaps been preparing for this for a long time, in your sub conscious, without realising it. Life is all preparation for what lies ahead. We are the sum of our experience.

Thinking is the key mode, reflected by the Air element of Uranus’s sign Aquarius. Be bold, visionary, and ingenious and inspired. If you’re unsure, then travel, read, research, and seek stimulus. Aquarius is the water bearer of the zodiac and that water represents purity and truth, the life source. This is a time to be totally clear-eyed- know yourself and know your opportunity. Be perceptive and pragmatic and pro active. Use your mind to create a plan and your strength to tackle it. Act on what you need to address. Take overt steps. Be visible. Be positive. Don’t wait to be done to or see what others can offer. Do it yourself!

Aquarius season starts at the end of January and lasts until the end of February, which may be when this new beginning will manifest or come to fruition.

Numerological significance: n/a.

Key actions:

  • Move house, change location, take a significant and exciting trip or journey.
  • Start a new course, class, lecture, workshop, or skill-building project. Seek knowledge.
  • Create a business, a side line, a commercial venture, an entrepreneurial offer.
  • Get a makeover, diet, join a gym and set a physical challenge, improve your health and wellbeing with a new regime.
  • Invent something new and creative to address a need, frustration, or desire in your life.
  • Embark on a change of career or work. Apply for a totally different field of work.
  • Seek and invest in new friendships and relationships, be around different kinds of people, diversify your crowd.
  • Reinvent yourself! Take on a new identity, name, role, set of values, or self. Whatever feels weighty, outdated, negative or false, simply shed that skin and let your authentic new self come to the foreground.
  • Set out to explore and discover new locations, areas, venues, activities, and opportunities in your local area. Open up and see what’s available.
  • Learn to make, mend, or create something practical. Be an inventor or an engineer.

Yes / no meaning: This card implies a big YES. It might be a slightly unwise YES but it’s still a positive overall, live and learn, if you never try then you never know, right?