Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Stina Garbis

The Temperance tarot card is number 14 in the Major Arcana, and is ruled by the astrological sign, Sagittarius. On the face of this card, there is a winged angel with the symbol of the Sun on its forehead and the sign of the septenary, a triangle in a square, on its chest.  There are iris blossoms of hope behind them as well as a pathway leading to the rising Sun of immortality. They are balancing effortlessly on earth and water, holding 2 cups from which they’re pouring the waters of consciousness back-and-forth between them. This card in the Fools journey comes after the Death card, and is a sign that everything is going to get better, and that you are going to find balance in your life after a loss. It means that you have gone through a major event and now life is going to even out and you are going to understand and process what has happened to you and incorporate your life experience into your being. This is a mixture of the conscious and subconscious and the emotional and physical body. Your understanding of your life is being imparted to your subconscious mind and your goals and dreams are being drawn up from your subconscious and are being made into reality. The Temperance card is the ultimate in balance. It’s about balancing everything in your life and not having too much or too little of anything. When things get out of control is when we move to card number 15, the Devil, and that is when we get carried away and move out of a state of being well balanced.

The number 14 represents new beginnings and change and the cycles between the subconscious mind and physical reality. It represents the perfect balance of health and harmony and means that you are spiritually gifted and blessed.   The sign of the septenary represents the holy number of 7, and fourteen divided by 2, is 7. It is the perfect balance and harmony between the spiritual and physical world.

The sign of Sagittarius, the ruler of this card, also rules the ninth house in astrology, which is the house of higher perspective and big religion. Sagittarius is a great philosopher and bringer of knowledge, and reaches for ultimate understanding, wisdom and expansion of being.

As this angel on this card is on the pathway to immortality, we understand that we must find balance, and faith within our life to reach our most divine state. We are spiritual beings living in a physical realm, and our experience on Earth and learning how to bridge the gap between what is real and what is spiritual is the key to enlightenment.  Our mission in life is to spiritually evolve, and to bring our talents and blessings to the surface from their spiritual well, raising them to their greatest proportions thereby changing the world with our spiritual understanding and our physical actions.

Tarotoo card

With the Temperance card comes the feeling of optimism and experience of good times. You can feel confident that the choices you are making right now are the ones that will most benefit you in the future. Now is the time and space in your life where you feel the most enthusiastic in your pursuits. You are in a flow state and are your most creative. This is where you can have an open mind and expand your ideas and also be in your healthiest state of being. This card represents good health, healthy decisions and excellent blood circulation.  Everything is flowing in the right direction.

Sometimes this card can mean that you are being watched by your guardian angel, or that you are in partnership with your spiritual guides. You are being guided, and you may receive a message or sign from beyond or in a dream. You are protected and lead well. This is a time when you are in cooperation with spirit, and you are being intuitively guided.

This is also the card of the apothecary and of good medicine. If you are feeling any type of physical or spiritual disease, this card means that you will find a good doctor or that you are on the right track for your medical health. You will find the right medicine and healing is on its way.

This is a positive card of communication that is reciprocal and enlightening. If you are having problems dealing with others, then this card is a sure sign that your difficulties will be overcome and that you will find a well and balanced answer and solution to your problems.

In relationships this card signifies good communication and a positive balance between two people. It would indicate that you are in a positive partnership where you both share responsibilities, and your love is reciprocated.  In business this card would indicate that your talents are being used completely, and that you are well suited for your position and can even expect a pay raise or a promotion. You are the expert, and people are lead to you to help solve their problems. You are a problem solver, a leader and a fixer. Ultimately this card brings good tidings and means that you are in the right place at the right time doing the right things.

Reversed meaning: Reversed this card can mean you are doing something in excess, and that it may make you unwell. It could represent illness or being out of balance spiritually, bodily, or mentally. It can mean being greedy or being  in a relationship that has too much take and very little give. It can represent a lack of compassion that leads to frustration, arguments and conflict. It can also mean that there may be a malpractice suit or having a doctor that prescribes the wrong thing. It can represent faulty machinery, broken pipes and problems with water lines or warning of a flood. It can represent mental illness and addiction and potential alcoholism.

Yes/no meaning: When asking a yes, or no question, this card would definitely represent a yes answer, and that you are on the right track to attaining your goals and dreams.