The Star

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Katie Robinson

The Star card represents the wildest dream, the biggest goal, or the most incredible life that you can possibly imagine. Essentially, this card suggests a time when we’re dreaming without borders, limitations, or guidelines.

Because it has free-range of the world, because it truly believes that you can have anything you desire in this world, this card boasts the most incredible kind of optimism. More than that though, it’s about having faith for the future ahead—even when there isn’t much ahead to see.

The Star card offers you a turning point when it comes up in your readings. It likes to appear during moments of doubt or moments where your motivation is starting to wane. So, it’s a great source of renewable energy or power. Consider it akin to the Energizer Bunny that just won’t quit. Its energy will never let you down. And that’s the most important quality that it brings to the Major Arcana.

In general, seeing The Star appear in a spread is a sign that you should start living life based on what ‘could be’ than what already is. It seeks to remind you that there is always more to offer, more to gain, and an opportunity for you to have a place in it all.

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Reversed meaning: In a reversed position, The Star can indicate one of two things. The first, is that we don’t believe in ourselves or in the possibilities enough. It can urge you to have a little more faith in yourself because of that—suggesting that if you do, you never know what you can accomplish. The second possibility is that a reversed Star card is suggesting that you’re believing something that is so extraordinarily over-the-top that it cannot be possible. In fact, you might be deluding yourself in order to get there. So, this position can either mean that we don’t believe in ourselves enough or that we’re avoiding red flags that suggest our desire simply isn’t possible.

Astrological significance: The meanings above do seem to be oxymorons. However, that term can perfectly describe The Star’s associated zodiac sign, Aquarius. This is the sign that wants acceptance, but also wants to stand out. It is logical, but also aloof. It wants community, but has trouble connecting with others. The Star takes on this contradictory quality as well. It asks you to believe in the impossible, while still maintaining that what’s “possible” is very much real. It’s both in-touch with reality and also out-of-touch at the same time.

Aquarius is a sign that tends to have complete faith in themselves and the world around them. They understand that the world works in a system, and that system always provides open doors for us where we need them. So, The Star card is a representation of the faith that the open door is always there.

One thing about Aquarius is that this sign is both completely in-tune with reality, but also very much out-of-touch as well. It has the extraordinary ability of walking the line between both worlds of logic and obscurity. And, if you think about it, this is a trait one needs to have if they want to achieve the impossible. People like Rosa Parks or Albert Einstein wouldn’t have been able to make a mark as they did without believing that a world outside of their own was possible. That’s “Star” quality.

Numerological significance: The Star is the 17th card in the Major Arcana. Adding 1 + 7 together, you get the number 8. This number symbolizes unity, eternity, and consistency. The Star represents the consistent mindset that there is a better future out there for you. It believes in eternity, in the ethereal. So, there’s a level of consistency in the mind that is applied here. One might even associate this with a kind of “madness” to focus on something so inconceivable. If you turn it to the side, it looks like an infinity symbol—which relates the repetitive thought loop that one could refer to madness.

Key actions:

  • Believe in anything—even the impossible. It’s like Audrey Hepburn said, “The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’”
  • Have faith that there are opportunities and possibilities that you cannot see, just yet. If you believe long enough, you might see a door open that you didn’t know existed.
  • Create a vision board. The best way to restore energy and promote optimism is to be excited about what you’re hoping to attract.
  • Write down your dreams. They are gateways to “Star” energy—as they are both elusive, but grandiose and enchanting. They can help you identify what you really want in life.
  • Allow yourself to become enchanted with obtaining your goals. Part of the enchantment means keeping your mind in somewhat of an obsessive loop. You can never let the optimism slip, because then the dream itself might slip away too.
  • Believe in what ‘could be’. If you do this, then you’re literally in the midst of creating your own reality.
  • Renew your energy. This card is a sign that your motivation is dwindling and in order to meet your goals, you’re going to have to hit the ‘on’ switch again.
  • Help others see their dreams through a lens of possibility. The more you share your faith in the Universe, the more likely it is that your own dreams will come true.

Yes/no meaning: In most cases, The Star card represents a big YES. Whenever it comes up in a reading, it’s usually trying to tell you to dream bigger, go harder, or believe more. So, it’s a support system attempting to get you to believe in yourself—even when it’s reversed sometimes!

In the case that The Star appears reversed, and it doesn’t mean that you need to believe in yourself, then it’s likely giving you a NO. Perhaps it’s telling you that you’ve allowed yourself to believe in something that just isn’t possible. For example, resurrecting a favorite pet who has passed away. In this case, it’s advising you to roll back that dream and recalibrate.