The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Stina Garbis

The Lovers card is a fan favorite in the tarot deck. When it shows up in any reading it elicits a giggle from the querent, excited to know when they will be with their true love. It is card number six in the Major Arcana.  In numerology six is the number of Venus and represents a sacred union which is fitting for this card.   The Lovers also represents the sign of Gemini, known as the twins. It’s a meeting of the minds where you have found your second half. The traditional imagery on the Rider Waite deck is that of a picture of Adam and Eve with a guardian angel behind them, blessing their union. Behind Adam is the tree of life bearing 12 fruits, and behind Eve is the tree of knowledge including the snake begging her to eat the fruit. This card represents the innocence and youthfulness of love, and its beginning stages before all of the drama occurs. The Devil, (card number 15) mirrors this card and represents the Lovers after they have mated, when trouble has set in. The couple on the card are naked representing the offering up of themselves as a whole. In the Garden of Eden, they don’t even know that they are naked until she eats the apple that the snake offers her.  Once they realize that they are exposed they wear clothes.

It is interesting to see on this card where the lovers are glancing. The female is looking up at the angel as if she sees goodness and the divine at work within this union. She sees the work of God in her life. She is hoping for something loyal and committed that bears children and a happy life together.  She represents the bringer of family and sees love as Holy. Like Holy Matrimony.  Whereas the man is looking at the woman’s naked body in a lustful way. He sees the sins of the flesh and wants to take a bite. He wants the experience, and may not want to be tied to one person.  While this card in some cases can represent pure, unadulterated love, it can also indicate a choice. Will this be a relationship and a union that brings loyalty and family or is this a casual lusty affair?  The surrounding cards will add depth to the quality of each specific situation.

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When discussing love in a reading and this card shows up, it may be a little bit confusing. While one likes to imagine that whoever they are with will end up being “the one” that’s not exactly how life works. Things change, life changes, and so does our partner. While some may think that this is a twin flame card or a soulmate card, and while that is possible, the surrounding cards will tell more of the story. If this card is drawn with an Ace or The World, it could indicate that this relationship may last a while, and that this partnership is a good thing. But if this card is drawn with, say, the Five or Six of Pentacles where one is broke or where someone is giving coins to beggars, it could indicate that it’s a relationship out of pity, or lacks emotions, and that it’s not based on love.  It is good to be skilled in the art of card combinations, when making a solid prediction on one’s love life. This card definitely means attachment, so someone is going to be in love, or have feelings, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that both parties will return the same emotion. The Two of Cups is a much more positive card when it comes to relationships because it shows the couples sharing and interacting. On The Lovers card it seems as each person is having their own experience and they are separate from one another.

This card upright can mean union, love, sex, physical chemistry, attachment, and a bond. It could represent a new partner in your life that may be romantic or business related. It could also mean that you’re going to fall in love with an idea. This is a card of love and love is the biggest feeling that we have, and it does stand for passion and putting yourself out there despite the pain that may come as a result. This card is unashamed. They are naked and proud. They are willing to lay it all out there, and take a risk because it means something to them. Love is an idea that we all want to chase and to fulfill, but a lot depends on who we partner with. This card could also represent a partnership of people that want different things. It could mean that someone has a more pure intention while the other does not. It is important to pull an additional card for clarification when getting The Lovers if you need more information.

Reversed meaning: Getting this card in reverse is definitely not a good thing. It can represent a painful dissolution. A noble idea that fails. It could represent a failing partnership, a divorce, or even a one night stand. Reversed, this card is a disappointment of something that really matters to you. It can represent having feelings for someone that doesn’t return them. Lovers reversed is a really sad card and for most it’s not what we want. Ideally, however, getting over a love relationship that is unmatched and unequal can get us closer to that Two of Cups love that is loyal and committed and headed in the right direction. Lovers reversed can mean that you made a mistake of the heart, that you fell in love with someone that isn’t compatible with you, and that your guardian angel does not approve of this communion, and ultimately it may end. It can also warn of being in a relationship that’s bad for you. It can also indicate infidelity.

Yes / no meaning: If you are asking a yes, or no question, then The Lovers card would most likely be a Yes, and that you will fall in love with the outcome. It is a fortunate event where you have a lot to gain.