Best Zodiac Sign To Become A Hollywood Superstar [Research 2023]

Kerry Ward

Fame is a fickle beast. It comes and goes, creates and destroys, ebbs and flows. Looking at person’s earnings, TikTok follower count, global awareness, and latest chart ranking might tell us their CURRENT fame status, but it can’t reveal what the future holds. Stars can fall from grace very quickly. There’s always another person waiting in the wings.

So which of us are destined to become famous in life? Can we predict it? Can we pinpoint the traits necessary to master fame, rather than be mastered by it, and create an authentic star power that lasts? Tarotoo have analysed the numerological and astrological qualities of all of the stars featured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This equates to 2335 individuals, a large enough sample to make some pretty robust conclusions about how your birth chart and name set you up, from the moment you emerge on this planet, for a life of fame and fortune… or not.

The same analysis also found that ~80% of these genuine superstars were born in the USA. The state with the most stars was New York state, rather than the home of Hollywood itself i.e. California.

Magic Numbers

The first lens applied to the list of super stars was Numerology. Names were analysed to provide Destiny Number (where the numbers associated, in Numerology, with the letters of their full name are added together and reduced to a single digit which describes the future potential of their life).

As an example let’s calculate Destiny Number based on the name “Emma Johnson” :

5 + 4 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 7 + 5 = 36 -> 3+6=9.

The analysis of names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame showed that people with Destiny Number 6 (293 stars) have a 28% higher chance to become famous than 1s (only 230 stars). Destiny Number 6 people are over achievers, perfectionists, idealists. This appetite to be the best, stand out, set an example, and be universally admired and respected sets up the right temperament to put yourself on the stage or screen and be analysed. 6s love to be of service, to give, to feel needed and appreciated, this is partly what drives them to go above and beyond. They need to be loved, including by an audience. 6s are also great ~people people~ who prioritise relationship building and connections. They network effortlessly and know how to charm, cajole, and influence. As close to a natural-born star as it’s possible to be.

Whereas Destiny Number 1 people are pioneers, inventors, independent thinkers, and progressive seekers. They don’t wish to belong to the crowd, conform, or please others. They are constantly looking to lead the way into new territory, control their destiny, and take the path less travelled. They might be the sort of star to burst on the scene and be known as rebellious and quirky BUT their longevity would be doubtful. A career of fame requires endless promotion, self management, relationship building and repetitive interactions. Not for the independent 1s!

Written In The Stars

But the main goal for Tarotoo was to analyze the zodiac signs of the 2335 people with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This revealed that Virgos (220 Stars) have a 35% higher chance to become famous than Libras ( only 163 Stars).

The list:
Virgo – 220 stars;
Aries – 212;
Cancer – 210;
Aquarius – 205;
Gemini – 204;
Taurus – 197;
Scorpio – 195;
Leo – 188;
Capricorn – 185;
Pisces – 178;
Sagittarius – 178;
Libra – 163 :(.

What makes Virgo such a natural star? Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Anne Bancroft are all Virgos and represent well their natural elegance, sophistication, serenity, and calm presence. Naturally charismatic in an under-stated, non-showy way that makes them both desirable AND approachable. They are stars we can imagine ourselves knowing and liking and being accepted by. We can develop virtual relationships with them and that is valuable, that leads to longevity and loyalty. Virgos are also resolute hard workers, highly perceptive, and perfectionists by nature- all of which are handy attributes to enable them to survive and thrive in the shark-infested waters of Hollywood!

Libra is a surprising sign to come last because, being ruled by beautiful Venus, they are diplomatic, aesthetic, attractive, flirtatious, and pleasing. They love to be loved. Perhaps, though, there are two factors that undermine their ability to achieve the coveted Hollywood Star. Firstly, they are more lovers than fighters and strive for harmony and peace. The bruising encounters of fame and the casting process might overwhelm laidback Librans. Secondly, they prize justice, truth, and ethical rightness. They believe in doing the right thing, speak up for the vulnerable, and are often drawn to roles in justice. Hollywood is perhaps too vacuous and immoral for this sign to really thrive in.


We collected and analyzed the names and birthdays of stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame but excluded bands, fictional characters, and other non-individual stars. There may be minor mistakes that do not affect the overall result.